50 years of Awlgrip Yacht coating solutions celebrated alongside a 40-Year partnership with Superyacht Solutions

The year 2023 stands as a notable landmark for us at Awlgrip as we proudly mark our 50th anniversary in the industry of yacht coating solutions. These years have been characterized by relentless innovation, unwavering commitment to quality, and the establishment of strong, enduring collaborations. One partnership that stands out in this journey is our four-decade-long association with Steve Wicks, the founding director of the esteemed Superyacht Solutions.

Based in Australia, Superyacht Solutions has accumulated a vast array of experience handling a diverse range of projects, continuously delivering excellent finishes for some of the region’s most notable boats. The company's core tenets of integrity, quality, reliability, and delivering unequivocal value align seamlessly with our ethos. This has helped our long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationship thrive. Throughout his career, Wicks has observed and contributed to significant advancements in yacht finishes. He particularly cites the introduction of our pioneering SE base coats and clear over-coat systems as transformative developments. These solutions have revolutionized the industry, enhancing the aesthetic appeal and performance of yacht finishes, while also refining the application process.

The integration of the innovative 'Mix-It Cloud' technology and the introduction of spectrophotometers on the shop floor signify another milestone in our shared journey. These technological advancements have been instrumental in optimizing workflows and uplifting the standards of craftsmanship in the yacht coatings industry.

At AkzoNobel, our Awlgrip brand is synonymous with delivery of a comprehensive service package to our customers. This goes beyond just delivering high-quality coating solutions. Our dedicated technical support, 'through-life' customer service, and continuous product development efforts form the backbone of our customer-centric approach.

As we celebrate these significant milestones, we take a moment to appreciate Wicks' endorsement: "I cannot recommend any other brand." This affirmation not only highlights our shared dedication to quality and customer satisfaction but also underscores the critical role of strong partnerships in shaping a company's journey. As we look back with pride, we are also filled with excitement for the opportunities the future holds. Here's to embracing the years ahead with the same commitment and drive that has brought us this far.


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