Awlgrip's Innovative Exterior Wood System

The Awlgrip 50 Years of Innovations story would not be complete without including the 2014 launch of Awlwood. Containing a unique patented resin formula, the Awlwood MA exterior system allows the natural color and grain of the wood to shine through. Awlwood MA has outstanding performance and retains the same gloss, DOI, and natural appearance from the moment of first application for multiple seasons.

Utilizing a unique bonding technology, the Awlwood MA Primer locks directly onto the wood structure resulting in flexibility and damage resistance. Its high building, fast-curing formation allows multiple applications per day and is applicable over a wide temperature and humidity range using a variety of methods. The system remains highly flexible throughout its lifetime, allowing natural substrate movement while giving toughness and abrasion resistance.

In an online public sailing forum, a customer had this to say about Awlwood MA, "I've used the Awlwood MA system and am very happy with it. I will definitely use it in the future in place of varnish. In addition to being more UV stable than varnish, the Awlwood topcoat is also stronger and more resilient to abuse than spar varnish. Abrasion and impacts that crack varnish generally don't cause the same damage to Awlwood. In my experience and testing, I found that even if the wood gets dented, the Awlwood continues to adhere without lifting or cracking."

Awlwood MA is a full system approach to maintaining wood finishes, with the primer available in red, yellow, and clear to match and highlight the wood grain, and the topcoat comes in a high gloss finish and also a satin matt to achieve an amazing finish that will be the envy of the marina.

Once again, Awlgrip innovation produces a superior above-the-water coating system that is exquisite and marine-tough. Beauty and Brawn -  the Awlwood MA system.


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