Metallics and Pearls Topcoat

2012 – Metallics and Pearls Topcoat with Awlcraft SE®

Awlgrip’s Awlcraft SE once again brought the “Wow!” factor to the topcoat industry. Awlcraft SE stands for Solids and Effects, was launched in 2012 as a revolutionary new topcoat encompassing solid colors, metallics, pearls, and effects that bring the finish to the next level, as a result of what boat owners and applicators were asking for in a high-performance topcoat system that bedazzled them all.

Awlcraft SE is a base coat and clear coat system that is designed to work as a multi-part system. Awlcraft SE base coat imparts the color and effect and is then top coated with a clear high gloss finish topcoat using either Awlgrip HDT or Awlcraft 3000 clear coat to give a mirror-like gloss finish and surface protection. This combination forms a high-performance, eye-popping high-gloss robust topcoat system.

The Awlcraft SE topcoat system can be applied over Awlgrip primers or previous Awlgrip/Awlcraft topcoat finishes. Its fast-drying formulation allows multiple coats to be applied within a day, reducing working time overall.  This fast-drying capability also means that it is possible to have many coats in a single day to create a unique design.  

Awlgrip provides exceptional training and guidance for application of the Awlcraft SE topcoat system with simple, easy-to-follow, step-by-step procedures to ensure the vessels with this system have the “Wow!” factor.  To find out more about Awlcraft SE please click here

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