2004 – AWLMIX

2004 – AWLMIX

Color Mixing System

Back in 2004, Awlgrip introduced Awlmix; an advanced color mixing system that enabled us and our Awlgrip distributors to offer color matching for Awlgrip topcoats, including special requests for new custom colors.

Initially, this new Awlmix color mixing system was only available from Awlgrip coatings manufacturing facilities. But the system was engineered to make it available and operational at Awlgrip distributor locations. This made Awlgrip custom topcoat colors readily available at a global level as distributors around the world started employing the system at their brick and mortar locations.

Boat owners and yacht captains, for the first time, could rely on a topcoat color matching system that was accurate enough to match their boat hull color to anything imaginable. Want your boat the exact same color as your car? How about that custom fabric you chose for your boat furniture? No problem. Awlmix is the perfect choice when it comes to custom yacht colors, no matter how large or small the job is, these custom colors are available from quarts to multiple gallons.

Fast forward almost 20 years and Awlmix now utilizes the AkzoNobel color database of Mixitcloud.com that stores tens of thousands of available colors across all Awlgrip topcoats, for distributors to mix colors at their own location, ready to supply to local applicators with a full range of colors at their fingerprints.   We recently introduced our digital color matching tool, Awlmatch, which is designed to be used by applicators by scanning an existing coating to come up with the closest color match from our vast database.  This helps applicators achieve a faster color match for the boat owner.  

Once again, with the Awlmix Color mixing system Awlgrip is leading the innovation trail in the area of color matching, securing its position at the forefront of topcoat innovation. State-of-the-art color matching for the world’s leading topcoat brand for the professional boating industry.  Awlgrip – passion beyond imagination.


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