A Paradigm Shift in Yacht Priming Systems

Heralding a groundbreaking shift in the marine coating industry, the Awlgrip Quick Build Primer, recognized as the IBEX 2018 Innovation Award Winner, has been making waves since its launch. This award-winning primer, developed by Awlgrip - the pioneers in marine finishes, offers an exclusive, revolutionary yacht priming system that promises to deliver an unmatched finish in fewer steps than ever before.

The Awlgrip Quick Build Primer, or simply Quick Build, has set new standards for topcoat finishes, boasting the capability to replicate any color spectrum desired. This robust color-matching ability enhances the visual appeal of any yacht while cutting down on the steps needed to achieve a breathtaking Awlgrip finish. Notably, this innovative primer requires no sanding before the overcoat application - a game-changing feature that radically simplifies the painting process.

Another significant benefit of the Quick Build primer is its remarkable versatility. It functions effectively as a primer in both sealing or surfacing systems, ensuring a fast and effortless finish. By strategically deploying various converters and activators, Quick Build can be applied as either a sealer primer or surface primer. This feature optimizes the coating application prior to using Awlgrip topcoat finishes.

Quick Build is not only versatile but also adaptable. It is designed to perform efficiently on a range of materials like small GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) and aluminum boats, and is equally effective for treating components and spare parts.

This impressive flexibility enables manufacturers and applicators to consolidate their product lineup, driving productivity to new heights. It also allows for the provision of rapid and customized color choices for boaters. With the introduction of Quick Build, a comprehensive system from substrate preparation to topcoat application can now be accomplished in just a single day.

Moreover, the primer offers several unique features that set it apart from its counterparts:

1. The ability to be applied directly to select substrates without the need for any additional primers, which significantly reduces preparation time.

2. An easy application system that allows for both preparation and application to be conducted within a single day, a dramatic improvement on standard procedures.

3. Offers a vibrant color output in mere minutes, which closely matches finish colors, ultimately leading to quicker concealment.

In conclusion, the Awlgrip Quick Build Multi-Colored Primer is a revolutionary product that is set to redefine yacht priming systems by delivering exceptional finishes with impressive speed and convenience. It's the future of marine coatings, today.


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