Monday, January 6, 2020

AkzoNobel is combining its cutting-edge coatings knowledge with the technology expertise of Graco and the equipment design experience of Hogg to deliver a step change in filler technology to the Super Yacht industry.

Awlfair SF is the latest in high-performing filler technology, delivering the operational performance you’ve come to expect from Awlgrip, Awlfair SF is distinct because it is applied by pressurized airless spray rather than hand application. This allows for wet-on-wet application, and the application of up to two coatings per day without the need for sanding between coats.

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“We’re thrilled to introduce Awlfair SF to the yacht coatings market,” said Bilal Salahuddin, Yacht Coatings Director at AkzoNobel. “This is a true step change in the coatings industry and can open multiple opportunities to boost productivity for our customers. Awlfair SF is not only quick and easy to apply but delivers the outstanding quality you’ve come to expect from Awlgrip.”

This new, multi-year partnership follows on from pre-existing collaboration between AkzoNobel, Graco and Hogg, working together over several years to refine the formulation of Awlfair SF. Now, the three companies have come together with Graco as the component and technology expert and Hogg as the designer of the machine itself, to deliver a comprehensive service offer that provides applicators and builders with the technology and training to adopt this exciting new spray filler.

Awlfair SF can be applied evenly at an estimated rate of five liters per minute – perfect for fairing, levelling or smoothing surface imperfections due to gouges, pitting, dents or weld seams. Spray application eliminates air pockets during application, resulting in reduced reworking and improved aesthetics.

“Following several years of technical collaboration in the development of Awlfair SF, it was a natural step to explore additional areas of partnership,” said Nicolaas Ravesloot, Yacht Commercial Manager for AkzoNobel. “We are committed to bringing this technology to the market with best-in-class customer service by working with both Graco and Hogg, helping our customers to bring Super Yacht coatings to the next level.”

Bruce Scotland, Business Development Specialist at Graco, was keen to confirm this partnership: “From the very beginning, Graco has been involved with Hogg and AkzoNobel in the development of an application system that meets the application requirements of Awlfair SF and at the same time offers the assurance of Graco plural component equipment.”

“We are delighted to have designed and manufactured the Spray Filler Application System to ensure the optimum application performance of Awlfair SF,” concluded Ian Francis, Managing Director of Hogg Blasting & Finishing Equipment.

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