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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Pinmar, AkzoNobel and Wrede have announced the details of their research project trialling and developing the application methodology for the new Awlfair SF spray filler product from AkzoNobel’s Awlgrip brand. The project is taking place at a shipyard in Bremerhaven, where International Maritime Research is proving a 30m superyacht vessel for testing and research purposes. During a 12-week period the Pinmar technical development team will complete the fairing and painting of the starboard side of the hull to deliver a superyacht standard finish using the new sprayable filler application technology in parallel with a traditional fairing process to provide a like-for-like comparison.

“We’ve trialled the product in our test environment and now our master fairers and technical experts have the opportunity to evaluate its performance on an actual 30m hull,” explains James Millott, Pinmar’s head of operations. “The introduction of advanced engineering to automate part of the fairing process is a transformational step and Pinmar, with its extensive experience in new builds and a reputation for being at the forefront of new technologies and standards in superyacht finishing, is proud to be taking a leading role.”

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Awlfair SF is an advanced new superyacht fairing product developed by AkzoNobel. The superyacht coatings specialist partnered with Hogg and Graco to develop the sprayable application equipment and components. The product is applied using pressurised airless spray rather than by hand, which allows for wet-on-wet application and up to two coatings per day without the need for sanding between coats. The spray application almost eliminates air pockets, resulting in reduced reworking and improved aesthetics.

“This 30m superyacht research vessel will provide AkzoNobel a unique opportunity to demonstrate the extraordinary benefits of our newly developed Awlfair SF (from our world leading brand Awlgrip). This side-by-side application comparison on a single vessel will highlight the differences between a traditional hand applied filler technique with one that utilizes a revolutionary approach,” comments Bilal Salahuddin, global business director of yacht coatings at AkzoNobel. “This project will comprehensively demonstrate that this new application technique will not only improve the time taken to apply, but also provides a superior filler finish with fewer air pockets. We are thrilled to be paving the way for further innovation in the superyacht industry with our revolutionary filler, Awlfair SF.”

"With IMR we have created a platform that, with the AZ project, realises joint research and thus brings together expertise to drive forward important innovations in the superyacht sector. We are making our contribution by providing the hull as a floating laboratory, our surveyors from Wrede Consulting will advise on the processes and our experts from Wrede Technologies will carry out the laboratory and metrological investigations,” adds Kay-Johannes, CEO of Wrede Consulting.

Pinmar aims to optimise the application methodology for the filling and fairing of large superyachts using the Awlfair SF product and specialist equipment engineered by Hogg, in the expectation that this new system will provide a step change both in terms of the quality of the fairing and the time taken to complete the process. The Pinmar team will be working with technical experts from AkzoNobel and Hogg to trial various approaches aimed at maximising the speed and efficiency of the application process. Wrede Consulting, one of the world’s leading paint surveyors, are involved to offer expert advice and to undertake detailed measurements of the filler application and the finished paint system to provide an independent validation of the study’s results.

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With thanks to SuperyachtNews and Pinmar for permission to publish this article.

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