A Triumphant Return

Sunday, September 8, 2019



Twenty years ago, Jonathan Feldman worked as a crew member aboard a vessel called Windrush. Today, he is delighted to help the same owner return to yachting as the captain of the vessel’s newest incarnation. The vessel was purchased in 2018 and in need of refitting, a challenge that required the ultimate finish:

“Although I had not worked directly with AkzoNobel in the past, I have worn a few different hats in my 20+ years in the yachting industry and learned to appreciate high-quality, innovative products like Awlgrip. Almost every yacht I have worked on or been affiliated with has been coated with Awlgrip and achieved great results, so we knew Awlgrip was the brand for the project.”


“We were told by the captain of another recently refitted vessel that Awlgrip had launched a new paint – Awlgrip HDT – and were looking to test it. Built by Delta Marine, Windrush is part of a fine legacy of U.S. yachts, and the owner has a reputation for maintaining yachts to the highest possible standard. So we sat down with AkzoNobel, the applicator and the owner, and after just one conversation everyone knew that Awlgrip HDT was the product for us.”

“Awlgrip HDT was not only the best product for Windrush, but we also believe it to be the best product available, allowing us to uphold the highest known standards of motor yachts. We receive compliments each and every day from industry professionals and general admirers alike. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome.”


Formulated to be a repairable polyurethane topcoat with the ultimate appearance, Awlgrip HDT is the latest generation of topcoat from the Awlgrip brand, delivering high gloss, durability and true color with outstanding application benefits.

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