Awlcraft SE Creates Custom Color and a Dazzling Finish

Tuesday, January 22, 2019


Thanks to 25-year customer De Groot Jachtschilders and our unrivalled color-matching expertise, Awlgrip has achieved an incredible custom livery for the 68ft Sunseeker Predator.


The stunning pearlescent finish was delivered with Awlcraft SE, Awlgrip’s industry-leading topside coating that imparts a great appearance in a range of bespoke colors and effects. This includes an unlimited palette of digital colors, with thousands of colors already available and new colors tailored to customer requirements all the time. 

It was this bespoke color functionality that appealed to the owner of the yacht, who had seen a previous yacht which had been color-matched using Awlcraft SE to match its owner’s red Ferrari. The owner wanted to create a unique look to set their yacht apart from other Sunseeker models, and so in co-operation between AkzoNobel and distributor Van Dongen Verf, a brand new color was developed – ‘Northern Lights Midnight Blue’. 

Even if it’s never been done before, we will make it happen with the best possible results!

Ruud de Groot of De Groot Jachtschilders


“In this case, the owner saw one of our earlier projects and asked us to create an extraordinary, never seen before metamorphosis for his yacht. We accepted this challenge, working to create and apply this magnificent new color, making the yacht unique and personalized. It really suits the Sunseeker and puts great emphasis on the contours of the boat.” 

This project is a great example of the advantages of Awlcraft SE, combined with the partnership and expertise offered by AkzoNobel. A truly outstanding finish!

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