Revitalized with Awlgrip

Thursday, May 28, 2020

After over a decade of use, this stylish Tiara 3200 Open was in need of a refresh, and M.E. Yacht Restoration rose to the occasion with the help of Quick Build, Awlcraft SE and Awlgrip HDT Clear.

Based in Holland, Michigan, M.E. Yacht Restoration was founded as a small hobby business by a small group of boat enthusiasts, and quickly grew to a successful company powered by that same enthusiasm. Operations Manager Eric Evenhouse described the project: “It was a great boat but was also really showing its age. The hull was faded, there was a lot of dock rash and it had lost its luster. There were also a lot of stress and spider cracks, primarily on the hull sides and transom area.”


“We’ve been using Awlgrip products for over 10 years, and Awlgrip HDT Clear in particular for about a year. We really love the results – the reflection is amazing, and our customers are always blown away when they see the finished product.” Awlgrip HDT Clear is the latest polyurethane clearcoat from the Awlgrip brand, formulated to provide the ultimate in high gloss, durability and repairability.


“We began by disassembling any removable hardware and sanding down the original coatings,” Eric continued. “From there we repaired all cracks and imperfections using Awlfair, followed by Awlgrip High Build primer, Quick Build Surfacer and Quick Build Sealer.” Quick Build Sealer and Surfacer are two recent additions to the Awlgrip range, working together to provide a quick and convenient application.


“Finally, we used Awlcraft SE basecoat for color and Awlgrip HDT Clear for the glossy finish. Before reassembling it, we gave the topside a multi-stage buff and then finishing it off with a full detail. We really love the results we get with Awlgrip HDT Clear – it’s durable, easier to repair and the reflection is amazing. Our customers are blown away every time they see the finished job, and this was no exception. They could hardly believe it was the same boat!”

 “Awlgrip certainly makes top-notch products,” he concluded, “but what is equally important to us is the support and training that comes with it. When you combine all of that with a talented application team, you can’t go wrong.”

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