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Application Guide - Troubleshooting


Most application problems are a direct result of poor or improper procedures, marginal housekeeping conditions, inadequate equipment, or a combination of these factors.

Following a few rules and checking regularly that the rules are being followed can prevent many problems before they occur.

  1. When using compressed air, a clean, oil-­free, dry air supply is a must. This is just as important for tool operation (e.g. grinders, sanders, etc.) as it is when spraying paint. General air quality, filters and dryers should be checked regularly.
  2. Make certain the products and procedures used in or near the paint areas are compatible with Awlgrip products and general paint procedures. Sealers, cleaners, lubricants and hand cleaners/sanitizers containing silicone should not be used in or around the paint shop.
  1. Machinery exhaust frequently is oil bearing and should not be allowed in the paint area.
  2. Keep quantities of clean Deluxe Tack Rags available to tack off surfaces.
  3. Wear clean gloves during all stages of surface preparation and application to prevent contaminating the paint surface with skin oils.