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Application Guide - Troubleshooting

Solvent Popping

Tiny open blisters that appear in the paint film very shortly after application. Usually occurs when too thick a film is applied to a horizontal surface in hot weather. Reducer choice and excessive air flow can also be factors.


  • Wrong reducer selection

  • Too thick or too heavy an application

  • Premature surface skinning of the paint film before all the underlying solvent can evaporate

  • Porous surfaces


  • If possible, wash off the still wet coating with the appropriate reducer. If the coating is allowed to cure, smooth sand until all blisters are removed

  • Clean with Awlgrip Wipe-­Down Solvent (NA/AP: Awlprep T0008 or Awlprep 400 T0170; EU: Surface Cleaner T0340) using the Two Cloth Method

  • Tack off surface, and re–coat using proper reducer while applying thin coats

At very high temperatures of 90–105°F (32–41°C), increase the amount of reducer to 35% and apply an additional coat to ensure proper film thickness. The extra reducer will improve flow while helping to keep the film open to avoid solvent popping.