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Diverse Projects - Black Pearl - 2010 

vessel main image

Vessel Name : Black Pearl

Launch/Re-fit Date : 2010

LOA : 31.5m 103ft

Speed : 12 knots

Vessel Type : Motor Yacht


Builder/Re-fit Yard :

Diverse Projects


Applicator :

Diverse Projects


Hull/Superstructure :High Build Epoxy Primer, Ultra Build Epoxy Primer, Awlfair LW, Awlfair Surfacing Filler, Awlquik Epoxy Primer, Awlcraft SE 

Underwater Hull







Black Pearl

Following the owner’s request to build and coat their latest yacht with a Tahitian black pearl finish, Diverse Projects NZ chose Awlcraft SE, the Awlgrip effect topcoat system, to achieve his wishes. The successful launch of the stunning 31.5 m “Black Pearl” superyacht marks the first significant application of Awlcraft SE in the Asia Pacific region. New Zealand’s Diverse Project build team used over 3,000 litres of Awlgrip products to build the “Black Pearl”. To create the perfect foundation for the finish, Diverse Projects applied the full Awlgrip exterior finishing system which included Awlgrip primers (High Build Epoxy Primer & Ultra Build Epoxy Primer), Awlgrip fillers (Awlfair LW & Awlfair Surfacing Filler) and Awlgrip Surfacers (High Build Epoxy Primer & Awlquik Epoxy Primer). Along with these Diverse Projects also used the revolutionary Awlcraft SE Topcoat system to provide the pearl effect finish. Awlgrip is proud to have been able to contribute to the success of this project and we look forward to other exciting opportunities with Diverse Projects in the future.

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