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Application Guide - Below Waterline Application Systems

Renewing Awlstar Gold Label

Awlstar Gold Label that is wearing thin can be easily renewed. Wash down the hull, using a high pressure, clean water wash, as soon as possible after hauling. The surface must be clean, dry and free of oil, grease, salt, dirt, corrosion or other surface contamination.

Wet sanding with 80 grit paper is advised under any of the following conditions:

  • If the hull was not power washed while it was still wet from hauling

  • Anytime the cleanliness of the surface is in doubt

  • Faster, high use boats where the Awlstar Gold Label has ablated to a slick surface

  • Sail boats recently burnished

Painting Over Other Antifoulants

Although Awlstar Gold Label will work over some existing antifoulings, Awlgrip cannot endorse this practice. We have no control over other antifouling manufacturers' quality control or formulation. Awlstar Gold Label will not perform over any of the tincopolymer/organotin antifoulings, soft conventional types or vinyls.

Awlstar Gold Label will perform adequately over hard conventional type antifoulings and tin-­free ablative copolymer antifoulings that contain copper. The most common problem encountered with these applications is mudcracking. A test application should be made before recoating an entire hull unless all other antifoulant is removed.

Do not apply primers over old antifouling paints. If the test application indicates a compatible situation, sand the surface with 80 grit then apply 3 coats of Awlstar Gold Label.

Use antifouling paints safely. Always read the label and product information before use.