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Application Guide - Troubleshooting

Orange Peel and Dry Spray

Textured, uneven surface like the skin of an orange.

A smooth, texture­-free surface is the happy medium between surface preparation, component mix/reduction, spray gun adjustment and application technique. The most common cause is under atomization of the paint as a result of some combination of improper reduction, poor gun adjustment and poor spray technique. However, there are a number of factors which can contribute to, or cause, orange peel.


  • Hot surface

  • Improper gun adjustment or spray techniques

  • Improper pressure adjustment

  • Orange peel in primer is printing in the topcoat

  • Temperature is too low or too high

  • Viscosity is too high

  • Wrong choice of reducer

  • Improper spraying sequence

  • Improper recoat time


  • Smooth sand the surface. Clean with Awlgrip Wipe-­Down Solvent (NA/AP: Awlprep T0008 or Awlprep 400 T0170; EU: Surface Cleaner T0340). Re–paint using more appropriate reducer, correct air pressure or correct spray technique and sequence

  • Select proper reducer, allow sufficient dry time between coats

  • Reduce to recommended application viscosity

  • Use correct spray technique and sequence

  • Do not paint hot surfaces. A surface too hot to comfortably hold your hand on is too hot to paint!