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Application Guide - General Information

Glossary of Terms (L-R)


Lacquer: Traditionally a paint which contains a synthetic resin and forms a film by solvent loss; the film remains susceptible to attack by the same or similar solvents; there is no chemical reaction or curing by the polymer.

Lifting: Softening and raising of an undercoat by application of a topcoat.

Linear Polymer: Polymer containing little or no branching (e.g. high density polyethylene and nitrocellulose of acrylic lacquers).


Osmosis: Transfer of liquid through a paint film or other membrane.

Overspray: Sprayed paint which misses the area being painted and falls upon the surrounding surface.


Paint: Material which when applied as a liquid to a surface, forms a solid film for the purpose of decoration and/or protection; generally a paint contains a binder(s), solvent(s) and a pigment(s); often other materials are present to give special properties to the paint film (e.g. such additives are rust inhibitors, light stabilizers and softening agents (i.e. plasticizers)).

Polyester: Type of paint or plastic containing the chemical group (RCOOCT). Awlgrip Topcoats are made from polyester resins.

Polymers: Poly – meaning many, mer – meaning units; very large molecules built up by the combination of many small molecules; they often consist of many thousands of atoms. Polymers form the backbone or binder of a coating; often called resin.

Polyurethane: Wide range of possible binder systems with unique qualities; the aliphatic type is used for the highest quality enamels. The most durable aliphatic polyurethanes are polyester resins co-­reacted with an isocyanate resin. Awlgrip Topcoats are based on this chemistry.

Primer: Type of paint applied to a surface to increase its compatibility for the topcoat or to improve adhesion or the corrosion resistance of the substrate.

Primer Surfacer: Paint used to prime a surface as well as fill irregularities.

Profile: Surface contour as viewed from the edge.


Reducer: Solvent added to a coating to reduce the viscosity and/or alter the dry time. Often called thinner.

Resin: Material, natural or synthetic, contained in varnishes, lacquers and paints; the film former.

Retarders: A solvent added to a paint to slow down its evaporation rate; retarders are often esters.