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Application Guide - Below Waterline Application Systems

Below Waterline Systems - Application

Antifouling Systems

Awlstar Gold Label (EU only) is a tin-free ablative co-polymer type antifouling designed to provide multi-season protection from fouling when applied according to specification. An ablative antifouling performs by the movement of the hull through the water, gradually wearing away the coating. As a result a fresh, fully potent layer of antifouling is always exposed to the water.

Awlstar Gold Label is a very versatile product. It performs in both warm and cold water, on sail and power craft. It is hard enough to stay on high speed power boats but burnishes easily for racing sailboats. Truly static boats may be better off with a hard, leaching type antifouling.

Awlstar Gold Label is:

  • Available in four bright colors;

  • Recommended on fiberglass, steel and wood;

  • Recommended for extended dry­-docking. Take the boat out of the water as often as you like for as long as you like.

Note: Awlstar Gold Label must not be used on aluminum.

Awlstar Gold Label is designed to be applied over Hullgard Epoxy Primer. The full system protects the hull from attack from water while providing an ideal surface on which to apply the Awlstar Gold Label. A key element of any Awlstar Gold Label system is applying the first coat of Awlstar Gold Label when the last coat of Hullgard Epoxy Primer is barely tack free. This procedure ensures bonding of the two coatings, providing the basis for multi–season performance.

The full Hullgard/Awlstar system is suitable for fiberglass, steel and wood. Many owners of wooden boats prefer to apply an antifoulant directly to the wood. This is not practical as Awlstar Gold Label will not bond to wood.

Each system provides a minimum of 14 mils (350 microns) of Hullgard primer overcoated with a minimum of 8 mils (200 microns) of Awlstar Gold Label antifouling.

Use antifouling paints safely. Always read the label and product information before use.