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A World Leader

An industry standard...

The Awlgrip® brand is an undisputed world leader in the Yacht Professional Topsides segment. Or to put it in the words of a leading boatbuilder:

“It’s an industry standard. Every serious yachtbuilder and owner knows that an Awlgrip job IS a paint job” *

Within the yacht industry, the reputation of Awlgrip is one of universal trust and respect. This reputation has been built upon consistent technical innovation, stringent quality controls and the superlative finish of Awlgrip products, which have long since represented the standard against which all others are measured.

Most importantly, a global network of knowledgeable staff renowned for their hands on, problem-solving approach has made a significant contribution to defining the unique Awlgrip character over the years.

Key areas of focus for Awlgrip include:

The provision of comprehensive, up-to-the-minute information and support for applicators at their convenience via the internet

Taking steps to improve health & safety for applicators e.g. via guidance notes & demonstration video clips (on-line)

Continuous new product developments specifically targeting reducing the impact of painting processes on the environment.

It is the norm for Awlgrip to hold long-term relationships with customers including new product development partnerships. These collaborations enable Awlgrip to tailor products precisely to fulfil customers’ needs whilst maintaining reliability of supply & hence providing peace of mind.

* JB Turner, Managing Partner, Lyman Morse Boatbuilding


Since May 2002, Awlgrip has been owned by Dutch multinational AkzoNobel. Integration into a company that is strongly focused on its yacht coatings division has greatly boosted the resources available to Awlgrip, especially in the critical area of R&D. The immediate effect of this collaboration has seen accelerated developments in Awlgrip coating technologies, as well as mutual benefits for both parties due to synergies in labour-saving manufacturing procedures and facilities.

The future of the esteemed Awlgrip brand is in safe hands with AkzoNobel: at the time of the acquisition AkzoNobel stated, "Our goal is to drive and build awareness of Awlgrip throughout the world and to create future products that will technically perform as well as, if not better than existing products."