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Waste Reduction and Recycling

Driving recycling programmes...

The UK manufacturing site manufactures the majority of the yacht volume and has significantly reduced the weight (and volume) of waste to landfill by actively segregating waste streams and driving recycling programmes; plastic, cardboard, metal, paper (including raw material bags), cups etc. We are also actively engaged in programmes to reuse wash solvents.

In 2007 we reduced our cleaning solvent usage in a yacht manufacturing area by 80% via installation of an automatic pan cleaning system. The system uses recycled solvent and eliminates operator exposure to solvent vapours as well as improving health and safety by eliminating manual cleaning processes.

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We are working with our suppliers to reduce the amount of excess packaging associated with our raw materials.

We are eliminating excess packaging on our products where possible, with recent changes to the packaging of our epoxy fillers being an example. A change to UN-approved filler pails has eliminated the need for outer cartons.

The multi-language label programme we are currently implementing in Europe not only allows us to provide our customers with more comprehensive health and safety information but will also significantly reduce the amount of obsolescent stocks in the future and hence reduce the level of waste.

During one of the worst droughts for 100 years, our Australian site reduced water consumption by over 60% in 2006 by upgrading the plumbing system and removing a cooling tower.