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Taiwan Yard Makes A Splash In Luxury Yacht Market

Taiwan is known worldwide for its shipyards, but one of the big names in Taiwanese shipbuilding is now earning an international reputation for the construction of luxury super and mega yachts for leisure and sporting use through its subsidiary Jade Yachts Inc.

The Jong Shyn Shipbuilding company, founded in 1985, owns five shipyards on the island where it has built more than 240 ships ranging from 450 tons to giant limestone carriers of more than 13,000 tons. In the same year Jade Yachts was founded to demonstrate the company’s ability to create vessels at the other end of the scale – designed and built to meet the most demanding specifications of the international luxury yacht market.

Using expertise from established and experienced yacht designers around the world, Jade Yachts’ Bandido series (Bandido style design by ESPINOSA,INC) was developed to meet these needs.This series has quickly become known for its stability, manoeuvrability and spacious luxury interiors. To date Jade Yachts has built seven vessels to this design, including the 91ft ‘Little Blue’.

With a welded steel hull and aluminum superstructure, Little Blue is now cruising the world’s oceans year –round. The coatings system used to protect it against all weathers is Awlgrip®.

“Jade Yachts uses Awlgrip as it is the best quality with a high reputation, easy to use and leaves a beautiful finish on any surface. It also comes with a reliable warranty,” said Little Blue’s captain Spiro Plomaritis.

The Awlgrip system used on the vessel includes primer 30-Y-94, High Build, 545 Epoxy Primer, Awlfair Fairing Compound and an Awlcraft® 2000 finish- white on the superstructure and blue on the hull.

Floating - In The Sky!

The combined expertise of Jade Yachts and Awlgrip has seen our involvement, in an unusual project that won’t be going to sea!

The iconic new structure, designed by Richard Rogers, one of the world’s leading architects, is a striking new aluminium and steel entrance canopy to one of the stations on Kaohsiung City’s new rapid transit system.

It was the skill of Jade Yachts’ personnel in the clever use of steel and aluminium that secured the job for the yard, and because Jade Yachts wanted to be sure of the quality of the finish and confident it would last, the company once again selected Awlgrip to help them achieve it.

Each of the stations on this new system has a different theme and many include original artwork and design features commissioned from the giants of the international architectural and artistic community to illustrate the concept.

Station no 9 on the red route, first opened in March 2008, serves the Taiwanese city’s Central Park. The theme here is modern Kaohsiung. The 200 ton, 50m square curved station canopy evokes ‘flight’, declaring the city’s intention of making its economy take flight and grow. It also represents a leaf fluttering in the wind.

Richard Rogers, the architect responsible includes the Pompidou Centre in Paris, the Lloyds Building and Millennium Dome in London, Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 5 and Madrid’s new airport among his many projects.

“This is a challenging project of a type we have not undertaken before,” said Mr C.P. Wong – Vice General Manager at Jade Yachts. “We are honoured to work with such a well known architect on a structure that allowed us to demonstrate our expertise. We could not leave out Awlgrip, we were glad to use it and we are delighted with its stunning results. Since the job has been completed we have had many compliments, so all our hard work has paid off!"

The canopy was constructed in separate segments by Jade Yachts and painted overall with a complete Awlgrip system for aluminium alloy finished with Awlgrip white gloss. When lit from below at night, it appears to float in the dark sky.

We think this is the most unusual use for Awlgrip- unless you know differently!