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Training and Education – Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE)

Information for customers...

The yacht business provides high quality HSE information to customers in a number of ways

  1. Information on our websites

  2. Information in our application guides

  3. Poster and leaflets on the safe use of epoxies circulated to professional users

  4. Guidance notes on the safe use and disposal of various types of coatings made available to customers

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  1. Customer seminars e.g. advice on proper ways to remove antifouling paint residue at the end of its effective life, guidance on use of properly licensed solid waste disposal companies

  2. In the US our Interlux business has an educational program for the State Marine Trade Associations underway

  3. Yacht is actively engaged in customer training to ensure that our products are used in a safe and responsible manner. We have recently invested in custom-fitted application facilities in Italy and UK for training European customers and our own staff. Additionally we have invested in technical support resource to deliver this training

Training of employees in matters of HSE is a key priority for the business

  1. All employees in the yacht business have been trained in Product Stewardship and understand the role they play in this process. Product Stewardship awareness training is given to all new yacht employees via our induction training modules

  2. All employees regularly attend HSE meetings and training sessions, where training is given on various HSE-related issues and employees have the opportunity to raise concerns and make suggestions for improvement

  3. Environmental Awareness Training is currently being given to employees at our UK site as part of the environmental management system (ISO14001) and is intended to make people aware of general environmental issues and our company’s impacts upon the environment