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Working With Regulatory Authorities and Trade Bodies

The environment is a priority...

We are working closely with various regulatory bodies to ensure that protecting the environment is a priority for all yacht paint manufacturers:

  1. We have been proactive with California in formulating the Southern California Copper guidelines for San Diego and Los Angeles

  2. We have been working closely with the National Marine Manufacturers Association (N.M.M.A.) on guidelines for use of Copper-containing antifouling paints

  3. Through the National Paint Manufacturers Association we are working with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in USA on the development of risk assessment methodology for USA marinas

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  1. We have worked closely with copper suppliers and with industry bodies in Europe and USA to study the environmental impact of copper from antifouling paint usage and have shown that copper is an effective and safe antifouling active ingredient. The use of effective copper antifouling coatings is crucial in the prevention of the transport of invasive species, which is a growing environmental and commercial threat to our waters.

  2. We are working closely with international and regional organisations such as the International Council of Marine Industry Associations (ICOMIA) and The European Council of the Paint, Printing Ink and Artists‘ Colours Industry (CEPE), to learn from the difficult experiences that boatyards have had in trying to implement the Solvent Emissions Directive (SED) in Europe and will continue to lobby the European Commission (EC) to make sure that the ‘Solvent Reduction Scheme’ continues as a preferred method for compliance to ensure that our customers are able to have the widest choice of products possible

  3. We are telling people both inside and outside our company about our Product Stewardship programme and the progress we are making with it. When we decide to adopt a standard or policy under our Product Stewardship programme, we take it forward as a proposal to Paint Manufacturers' associations and suggest that it be adopted as a coatings industry standard. We hope that this will make our employees, our customers, our stakeholders and everyone who knows about or wants to know about us realise that we are a responsible organisation which is committed to doing business in harmony both with people and the environment