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Premier Yachts aim high in the Megayacht Market

Since June 2006 Premier Yachts has been a member of the highly reputable and successful Horizon Group whose shipyards are based in the coastal city of Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Premier Yachts’ facility occupies 24,000 m2 (nearly six acres), and with 200m (656ft) of water frontage, this special location gives Premier superb logistical advantages for sea trials and delivery.

Premier Yachts strives to fulfil the yachtsman’s dream through building custom megayachts that encompass vision and reflect individuality. Aptly titled the ‘Premier Series’, the yard manufactures yachts of 32m (105ft) and up. Since Premier Yachts was formed in 2005 it has continued to break records for the largest yachts ever built in Taiwan, proving that the team and its facilities can take on any challenge. The first record was created by ‘Miss Rose’, the first Premier130 series yacht, with a hull length of 40m (132ft). This record has since been broken by the 3rd Premier130 with a hull length of 41m (135ft).

It is Horizon’s commitment to ensure comfort and seaworthiness with unsurpassed quality. To date, an incredible five Premier 130+ yachts have been sold. This is not surprising considering the Premier 130+ models combine industry-leading design with advanced construction technologies, built as standard to DNV HSLC Classification and the MCA Code of Compliance.

Premier Yachts continually strive to improve the performance of every new yacht and their recent builds have been upgraded with several new features; the engines, genset power and navigation limits have all been upgraded, along with an enlarged fuel and water capacity to enable a longer cruising range.

In 2008 Premier Yachts realised that in order to achieve the gloss, durability and color retention that owners now expect, they needed to upgrade from the traditional gelcoat to the superior finish that Awlgrip provides. Gelcoats have a limited color choice and require high maintenance in order to keep the yacht looking glossy. Repairs can be labor intensive and the surface difficult to clean due to its porous nature. Awlgrip provides durable high gloss finish that is less porous and more resistant to UV rays and degradation – and as Premier Yachts have discovered, all Awlgrip topcoats are available in any color the owner desires. For the past year Premier Yachts have been using Awlcraft 2000 Metallics with great success.

James Fwu, a licensed marine architect who earned his Master's Degree in Naval Architecture engineering from National Taiwan University, is in charge of management and construction operations at Premier Yachts. Awlgrip would like to congratulate James and his team on the success of the Premier Series and look forward to an excellent long-term relationship with them!