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Only the best for Marin LuxurYachts

Five hundred years ago Spain and Portugal, Europe’s first naval empires, picked their ships’ crews from their Atlantic seaboards. This corner of Europe became a springboard for the great voyages of discovery and was world famous for its experienced sailors and the natural protection the estuaries offered to those arriving from America and colonies in the Indian Ocean.

Today, in the spirit of this tradition, the world’s new leaders order their megayachts from a company in this legendary region - Marin LuxurYachts sited in the Marin estuary near Pontevedra in Galicia, north-west Spain. Spanish company Marin started building some of the most luxurious cruise liners in the world in 2006 and works with internationally acknowledged designers such as Luiz de Bastos or Reymon Langton (London).

The business was founded two years ago by the Spanish entrepreneur Pablo Comesaña, who rose to fame as a pioneer in applying the industrial skills and resources of the Iberian peninsula to steel super yachts. The company currently has a turnover of almost one hundred million euros a year and is expected to grow by 25% per annum for the next few years.

From the start, Marin has worked with only the best products on the market, from the finest wood to the most advanced electronic equipment. Not surprisingly, every one of the luxury vessels that comes out of this Spanish shipyard has been treated with the best and most up-to-date Awlgrip® products and the most advanced equipment – it is the first company in Spain to use the latest 200L filler mixing machine for the application of the new Awlfair LW Fairing Compound. As far as Marin is concerned, no product offers a better finish and shine for yacht hulls than Awlgrip. The yard is currently working on five super yachts from 40 to 100 metres in length, all are receiving Awlgrip paint systems : Hullgard Extra , the latest Awlfair LW Fairing Compound, produced to a new global standard, High Build Primer, 545 Epoxy Primer and Awlgrip Topcoat.

The training of Marin’s applicator personnel has been in the capable hands of Awlgrip’s regional distributor, Pinmar SA, one of the longest-established specialist yacht painters in the world.

Marin LuxurYachts belongs to the Factoría Naval Marín (FNM Group), a great shipyard dedicated to building high technology industrial ships, such as specialised marine rescue ships able to withstand the worst North Sea storms, or sea-going tugboats. It is a tribute the FNM’s status that engineering company Ulstein, one of the most demanding in the world, has for the first time offered its technology to a shipyard outside Norway.

Half of the production of FNM is now from its nautical division, Marin LuxurYachts, the brand chosen by the world’s new ‘emperors of the sea’.

Awlfair LW Epoxy Fairing Compound

  • Premium trowelable filler for fairing, levelling or smoothing surface imperfections

  • Mixes to creamy, smooth consistency

  • Excellent sanding characteristics with minimal clogging of sandpaper

  • Available all around the world to the same global standard