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Meeting and exceeding applicable environmental legislation and regulations

Beyond compliance...

In addition to taking a ‘beyond compliance’ approach in our new product development and product range management activities, under Product Stewardship we have also reviewed the information we provide to our customers and users of our products to ensure it is to a high standard throughout the world. We have done this by establishing a world-wide standard for labels and product Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS's). For some product types, such as antifouling paints, we have issued guidance documents for safe application. We will continue to work in this area to ensure that the best quality of information possible is provided to our customers and everybody who handles our products.

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As a world-leading supplier of yacht coatings, safe application and use of our coatings is critical for us.

Product labelling is a key interaction between our company and our customers and has great significance for meeting Health Safety and Environmental responsibilities. Our approach is always to be proactive, and our investment in label design is based around two principles:

  1. Meeting local regulations in regulated territories and providing a high minimum standard where no regulations exist

  2. Providing appropriate health and safety guidance on labels in local languages

Consequently we provide labels carrying more than 25 languages.