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Environment and Corporate

Environmental Policy

We will ensure that we undertake our activities in a socially and environmentally responsible manner within the context of our industry. As such, consideration and reduction of the environmental impact of our activities forms a key element of our business strategy. Central to our business is our Product Stewardship programme. This is a process which operates throughout our business, considering human and environmental safety at every stage of a product’s evolution; from raw materials, product development, manufacturing, packaging and storage through to marketing, sales, customer use and disposal/recycling.

Awlgrip® environmental policy - summary of main aims 
Environmental policy - full text 
Product Stewardship policy 

To this end we will drive improvement in the following areas:

The environment and product development

Making protection of the environment an early and integral part of our product development process.

Environmental legislation and regulations

Ensuring that we are compliant with all applicable environmental legislation and regulations affecting our operations and products. Where possible, we will further reduce our impact on the environment by exceeding any applicable compliance requirements.

Raw materials

Minimising and where possible eliminating the use of raw materials in our products where concerns exist regarding the possibility that those raw materials may cause harm to the health of people who come into contact with them.


Making efficient use of all our energy resources.


Minimising emissions from our products and operations that could affect the environment.


Reducing waste generated during manufacture and use of our products.


Maximising the use of recycled materials in our products, packaging and promotion.

Health & Safety awareness

Promoting user health and safety awareness by training and education of our employees and our customers.

Environmental awareness

Promoting environmental awareness by training and education of our employees and our customers.

Working with regulatory authorities and trade bodies

Actively participating in discussions with relevant regulatory authorities and trade bodies to develop measures to further minimise the environmental impact of the use of paint in our industry.