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Delaware Challenges the Carolinas at Smooth Sportfishers

Located in Delaware, North America, F&S Boatworks carefully blend craftsmanship and technology to create custom built sportfishers that have an additional uniqueness factor – that being the novel ‘variable deadrise longitudinally stepped vee hull design’.

The uniqueness of the design is down to the clever arrangement of longitudinal steps which creates an ‘air cushion ride’. The shape of the hull provides a cutting edge that knifes smoothly into the water on re-entry as you come off a big wave in the rough seas.

The construction technique of F&S is to cold mold with epoxy and requires a full painted finish. Awlgrip Technical Service Representative Fred Sommers sat with the team at the yard to work out their best options. Jim Floyd, along with Joe Bonvetti and a select group of craftsmen, uses the latest and highest quality materials available to build yachts that perfectly fit their owner’s needs and the paint specification is no exception. For the latest 72ft (22m) Bandolera hull #12, Awlcraft 2000 topcoat was selected for inside the engine room as well as the yacht exterior. Awlcraft 2000 delivers long lasting gloss which is perfectly suited for these hardworking boats. Keeping the lines as smooth as the ride was achieved with a combination of Awlgrip primers and Awlfair LW.

F&S have recently taken advantage of the opportunity to reduce labor time and ensure good mixing accuracy by using the new Awlfair mixing machine.

We asked the team at F&S what makes them choose Awlgrip over the alternatives: "We have been very impressed with the Awlfair and the mixing machine and the performance of the product and the willingness of Awlgrip to develop systems for our specific needs." We think their customers will be just as impressed as they enjoy the benefits of these clever designs as they cruise down to the Caribbean.