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Awlgrip launches Controlled Fusion primer range

Following the launch of Controlled Fusion Awlgrip is proud to launch two new products based on this unique technology; Max Cor CF and Wash Primer CF.

Max Cor CF Primer features and benefits include:

  1. Chromate-free replacement for 30-Y-94 and Max Cor and is used as part of full Awlfair systems on metal substrates
  2. More flexible recoat times in comparison to the out-going 30-Y-94 and Max Cor - Minimum 17 hours up to a maximum 72 hours without sanding allows for better application scheduling and less work
  3. Provides maximum corrosion protection when overcoated with Hullgard Extra
  4. Major RWT (reduced work time) for the scheme when used in conjunction with Hullgard Extra – Both primers do not require sanding before overcoating reducing labor costs and time
  5. Is a low VOC formula improving environmental emissions
  6. Available in gallons and a 2-pack aerosol - the 2-pack aerosol comes in a handy 250ml pack, complete with adjustable spray nozzle giving a more spray-gun like fan in contrast to normal aerosol spray fans. This allows greater control as well as an improved finish.

Wash Primer CF features and benefits include:

  1. Chromate-free replacement for Zinc Chromate Wash Primer and 30-Y-94 and is used on small parts, stainless steel and anodized aluminum.
  2. Fast recoat times of 1 - 2 hours with no sanding required – Reduces work schedules and labor costs
  3. Minimal substrate surface prep required – This saves time and reduces labor costs
  4. Only one coat required for maximum performance – Minimizes quantities needed, saves on time and costs
  5. Can be overcoated with Awlgrip, Awlcraft 2000 or Awlgrip HS topcoats as well as epoxy primers
  6. Soon to be available in an aerosol format - available by the end of March 2011.