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Surf the Cape Fear College way!

So, GRP isn’t invented, foam doesn’t exist but you still want to go surfing……well Awlgrip and Cape Fear Community College got together to show how surfboards were built the old fashioned way! And boy does it look good!

As can be seen in the pictures the not so small (10’6”) surfboard is beautifully constructed using Mahogany frames and Cedar planking.

Following application of some 6oz cloth and some Epiglass resin from our sister company, the board was beautifully finished with the durable high gloss Awlcraft 2000 Clear.

Following the training and expertise of their own on-site Awlgrip expert, Andy Jameson, the Community College has constructed a magnificent, and more importantly lasting, replica surfboard.

Not only great for boats, superyachts and megayachts, the Awlcraft 2000 shows that even on surfboards nothing else comes close to that Awlgrip finish that only we can provide!