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Bringing out the beauty in wood

The Lagoon Royal Shipyard in Kyiv, Ukraine, has been perfecting the special skills and craftsmanship needed to work in wood for more than 225 years.

But there’s nothing old-fashioned about the design and style of the yachts and speed boats it makes for today’s discerning luxury market.

Using only the best materials, Lagoon Royal creates stunning sailing and motor yachts up to 76ft using traditional boat building techniques. Made from solid mahogany with oak frames, and designed by some of the worlds leading marine architects, they can be expected to last for a hundred years or more. In fact, like all works of art, they gain in value.

Lagoon Royal also builds a range of speedboats. One of these was the tender ‘Blue Belle’, built for the owner of a Greek megayacht so that he and his guests can go ashore, or water-ski-ing, in style. For a business dealing in this level of quality, there could only be one choice of coatings – Awlgrip®.

“We have been using Awlgrip products for about four years,” said Tara Kot, Deputy Director of the Shipyard. “We find they are of high quality, good to work with and have a long service life. Their products show the natural textures of the wood and enhance its decorative properties and structure. There’s a wide choice of colors and they perform well in corrosive environments, with good resistance to both chemical corrosion and ultraviolet light. The pack sizes are convenient and we appreciate that Awlgrip consider applicators’ health & safety in their careful choice of raw materials ”

The 20 ft Blue Belle is the first of a series of high-speed luxury tenders. Her hull is made from different varieties of redwood and the open cockpit comfortably holds eight. The boat, which can travel at up to 40 knots, has a range of special features including a bathing platform, awning, built in bar, fridges, folding tables and seating. The system of choice for the Blue Belle was Awl®-Brite.

Awl-Brite Clear Gloss

  • Tough, long-lasting high gloss urethane finish for marine brightwork

  • Much more durable than conventional marine varnishes

  • Easy to apply by brush or roller

  • Buffable

  • High Build

  • Fast drying

  • Excellent flow characteristics

In the 21st century, with all the advances in shipbuilding materials, the Lagoon Royal shipyard has found that its traditional skills in wood are in as much demand as ever.

Founded in 1783, Lagoon Royal is situated in the south of Ukraine, a center of yachtbuilding in the former USSR. The yard stands in the heart of an area dedicated to the teaching of advanced shipbuilding skills and techniques . It is also known for the quality of its yachting schools and sailing training centers.

This enables the shipyard to pick the most skilled craftsmen from the Southern Ukraine and Black Sea region to work on the luxury wooden vessels it is famous for, where up to 45% of the building work is by hand. Only the best woods are used, even for the veneers, and all supplies are laboratory tested before use.

Lagoon Royal acknowledges that working with a living material like wood is as much an art as a craft, striving to ensure that every yacht and boat is a masterpiece in its own right. Wood grain and textures are carefully selected to ensure the construction is absolutely accurate, attention is given to every detail of the hull design. “In wood, everything is important, one small mistake at the beginning may cause a lot of problems later,” explained Deputy Director Taras Kot.

“By using Awlgrip, we add to the quality of our yachts. It is perfectly suited for wooden boats and brings out the best in wood as a shipbuilding material,” he added.