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Awlgrip Launches Awlfair Surfacing Filler - A new surfacing filler for Europe

Awlfair Surfacing Filler

We are please to announce the launch of Awlfair Surfacing Filler, a new Surfacing Filler for the European range.

Awlfair Surfacing Filler is the replacement for the EU-only Standard E Trowelable Fairing Compound and is a premium two component epoxy finishing filler intended for use over Awlfair LW to fill sand scratches, pinholes and surface imperfections.

Utilizing the same technology as Awlfair LW Fairing Compound, Awlfair Surfacing Filler gives an outstanding smooth finish and is used prior to applying the finish primers and topcoat.

The advanced resin technology also gives Awlfair Surfacing Filler outstanding solvent resistance coupled with an improved Health and Safety profile.

Following the highly successful launch of our Global Awlfair a few years ago, we have been testing and trialling this new Awlfair Surfacing Filler. Using our knowledge and expertise in fillers, combined with the Awlfair LW resin technology, our dedicated yacht chemists have formulated a glazing filler with an outstanding smooth finish. The product represents another great addition to the Awlgrip product range giving our EU customers the freedom to choose the system that suits them best and ultimately gives that great Awlgrip finish.