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Awlcraft SE applied to test boat in Wilmington, NC

Awlcraft SE is the new topcoat system from Awlgrip. It offers metallics, pearls and effect pigments in a wide variety of colors. The fast drying nature of the product allows multiple colors to be applied in a day. The system is finished with two coats of the tried and tested Awlcraft 2000 Clear.

The product was recently applied to a 19' Grady White powerboat as an in service test. The application was done at the Cape Fear Community College in Wilmington, NC by Awlgrip Technical Field Support Rep Fred Sommers and Awlgrip Technical Sales Rep Andy Jameson. The college runs a boatbuilding program that encompasses wooden and fiberglass boatbuilding techniques and marine system installations. Thanks to instructors Ed Verge and Paul Winchell for allowing us to do the applications at their facility.

The prep and priming was carried out by the students and they got a feel for what goes into a commercial repainting project.

The application was successful and the boat looks fantastic.